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What size of system will I need?

Your system will normally be designed around the number of people living in your house, not the size of house. The solar collector area will depend on the hot water needs of the household.

Do I need planning permission?

SHW roofs do not normally require planning permission,and typically fall within what is known as 'permitted development rights'. However, if you are dealing with a house that has been divided into flats, or the building is listed or in a conservation area, you should check with the council upon policy.

Where to put an SHW system?

A house roof is ideal for installing a SHW system - there is plenty of 'unused' space, the visual intrusion is minimal, and direct exposure to sunlight is at its greatest. Roof conditions vary greatly, and several key factors should be considered when assessing the solar polarity of a property.

  • Orientation. SHW systems are most efficient when installed on roofs facing south, south-west or south-east (up to 95% efficient). In the UK, a north facing SWH roof will normally be 40-50% efficient.
  • Tilt. SHW systems can be installed on most flat surfaces. Ideally if roofmounted, they should be inclined, to maximise exposure to solar radiation, and to allow the array to keep clean.
  • Available area. A typical SHW array will occupy 2- 4 M2.
  • Shadowing or Shading. Preferably the array will not be shaded by neighbouring buildings or tall trees.

Will the system work in the winter?

A standard solar system in the UK cannot provide enough heat to supply hot water at the desired temperature, throughout the year. Most modern solar hot water systems will typically convert 40-55% of the solar energy falling into the collectors into useful hot water. Modern evacuated tube systems can reach a peak of 80-90%

Although there is normally enough sunshine in the winter to pre-heat your water, you will require a conventional water heating system to back up the solar system during the deeper winter period, or for when demand is high.

Will it require regular servicing?

Most modern systems are designed to run virtually maintenance free. As part of our installation package, we provide a complete control & running guide, explaining the components, and what checks are required.

What guarantee will I get with my system?

All of the system components are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty (up to 2 years). However, the solar collector we are currently installing has a guarantee of 5 years, subject to correct installation.

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How long will it take to install a system?

A fully working solar system will typically take 1-2 days to install.

Will I need to replace my hot water tank?

Most modern systems are designed to fully maximise the power savings made, so we would normally change your existing hot water tank.

Will Solar work with a Combi Boiler?

Most modern Combi boilers are designed to accept a hot water feed. Solar hot water can be used as a pre feed to enable the combi boiler to run off-line.

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